behind the scenes of pedro the high fiving cat

I know that you all want to know how I was able to accomplish such an ambitious undertaking as my recent blockbuster, “Pedro the High-Fiving Cat.”  And I’m positive you’re dying to know how I was able to train my new temporary human.  And today’s your lucky day – I’m about to spill the kibble…

First things first: ME. Don’t I look fabulous? My human has been spending more time on my grooming, and I think it really shows in my lustrous, floofy coat. And check out the whiskerage!

My inspiration:

Training the new temporary human:  That was a real challenge, and we’re still practicing to get the high-five just perfect every time…  I started small, with just a little palm touch followed by some positive reinforcement.  By the end of the first week, he could get it almost every time.  And by the end of the second week, he was able to high-five and feed me a bonito flake about 82% of the time.  But you can see that he started to get overly confident and lazy – sometimes he tries to get away with a high-five and head rub with no bonito flake.  We’re working on getting that right 100% of the time…

The sequel:  I’m working on teaching my new temporary human some more complex tricks.  We’re far from movie-quality at this point, and I don’t want to give anything away now.  But I think you’ll be seeing some even more exciting things from us soon.  Unfortunately, he seems totally resistant to the noggin licking, so I don’t think our next flick will include that.  But I know you understand the difficulties of working with humans…


3 comments on “behind the scenes of pedro the high fiving cat

  1. Pedro, old boy,
    I’m delighted you are doing so well in your endeavours. Maybe you will be that cat, the one foretold in the Book of Felix, the chosen one who finally trains a human PROPERLY.
    We are all behind you, big fella, 82% of the time (can’t completely pause the grooming schedule just to cheer-lead, you understand),
    Mojo Cat

  2. Pedro my BFC…..I’m not the least bit surprised you’ve had such a successful run with your temporary human in the training department. Some humans are much easier to guide and train than others. Obviously bald ones are easier than the hairy ones (we can assume). We all look forward with great anticipation for further updates. Gee…I was just thinking…since I have extra toes, if I trained MY humans to do what you’re doing, it would be a HIGH-SIX. Now that would be interesting………..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

    Watching your film, I started wondering if Sprocket’s tripodal nature would make him overbalance while high-fiving. in any case, he has no hope of training me because when people try to high-five me I just get startled and confused.

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