Remember little Angus, star of my Name That Pooch Poll? Well, my human has abandonded me to go visit the pooch…  I had planned a glamorous photo shoot for your viewing pleasure, but she seems to have taken the camera.  Hmmph.  I can’t believe she wants photos of a dog, even if he is cow spotty!  

Anyway, for now I’m just working on the high fives with my temp human and thinking of ways to get back at my human for abandoning me…

Remember little…


5 comments on “Remember little…

  1. Aloha……I have faith that the appropriate punishment for your human abandoning you in favor of a DOG (!) will come to you. A cat’s mind works in mysterious ways as we well know. I’ll be anxious to hear what dastardly deed you come up with!

    Your BFC Sam

  2. Pedro, I am taking good care of your purrson, and giving her lots of lap-time and cuddling. Perhaps she will bring you souvenir photos of my magnificent agility dog training feats. (Agility training might be good for a feline of your floofiness, and I will do my best to inspire her to go beyond high-fives.)

    Best regards from your agile cow-spotted canine friend,

    Angus himself

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