pedro the cat challenges the donald

Is everyone prepared for my BIG, BIG Trump-style announcement?  I hope so, because I’m even wearing my new Trump-style wig for the occasion!

Here it is:  I will donate 5 million bonito flakes to the charity of Donald Trump’s choice if he will just stop with the “birther” thing.  Really.  5 million bonito flakes.  That’s a lot of flakes…

Seriously, with The Donald and everyone else drawing attention away from the real issues facing American cats, how is anycat going to be able to make informed decisions to vote for the right candidate?  This whole campaign process seems horribly flawed.

P.S. Sorry, Donald.  I’ve decided to remove you from my list of idols and role models.  You’re spending WAY too much time seeking attention instead of gaining power and amassing your fortune.  As a creature that is only awake 6 – 8 hours a day, I just can’t condone that much silliness.


12 comments on “pedro the cat challenges the donald

  1. THAT hairpiece is fabulous, dahling! Hope you spent many many spondoolicks on that! (I learned “spondoolicks” from my watercolorist friend in England, NeoWatercolour! It is now my goal to spread the word. So to speak!)

  2. Play your card right and maybe the Donald will pay you all the bonita flakes to be quiet. Do let him borrow your hairpiece. It will be an improvement.

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