tsunami warning for hawaiian cats

Hawaiian cats are expecting a tsunami, but don’t worry about me.  I’ve moved my nap to high ground and I’m safe and comfy.

P.S. My human and Kitty are fine, too.

Midnight update: So far the tsunami waves have been little, so I’m going to climb down from my perch to have a little midnight snack. And then I’ll be ready for a big cat nap after all this excitement!


19 comments on “tsunami warning for hawaiian cats

  1. I guess it’s always something. We are prepared for this storm named Sandy. Doesn’t that name make you think of homely doggies? She better not get me wet! Does your tsunami have a name? Or is naming storms an Atlantic Ocean thing?

    • Tsunamis don’t get names, which is fine with me if the name choosers are picking names like Sandy… I hope you’re high and dry and safe, too. It would be embarrassing to have damage from anything named Sandy. 😉

  2. Pedro, good that you are taking the “high ground” with that perch of yours. Didn’t realize a tsunami was headed your way – stay safe guy. We’re getting ready for Sandy (yes I agree, it’s a ridiculous name for a storm!) – it will be here soon we think.

    Your BFC Sam

  3. Stay safe, Pedro! We’re hunkered down and feeling the first effects of Hurricane Sandy. What’s going on with this world anyway??? It’s enough to scare the daylights out of kitties and their humans!
    Love, Sundae

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