a very sad businesscat

I’m very sad today…  I’ve been so engrossed in the upcoming elections and assorted natural disasters that I completely forgot about Halloween.  And unlike most cats, I do love a good costume.  I had mine all picked out and ready to go, and I forgot all about it…  Maybe I can wear it for Christmas instead.  (I hope to cod these elections are over by then!)


15 comments on “a very sad businesscat

  1. Be not sad, my child, for the costume that is not yet behind you is indeed before you. And yea verily, thou shalt have righteous butterflies in thine tum tum until the day of dressing up. Amog.

  2. Tsunami warnings may certainly have contributed to your lack of attention to the Halloween festivities but that tie certainly would be appropriate attire for the upcoming Christmas season. That tie and a nice fat chunk of turkey – – – who could ask for anything more!


    • Aloha, Sammy! I do like this new tie a lot, but I have a new, festive Christmas tie for the holiday season. I can’t wait to bust that one out! But could I have ahi with my tie, instead of turkey???

  3. Perhaps you could wear your multicolored hair on US election day, Nov 6? That’s when we pay attention to the rest of the clowns! Kinda like Halloween only scarier?

  4. Purrfectly understandable you have been under a lot of stress…Good thing you were not wearing Floaties on Halloween Tsunami would not be good. Lets just hope with all the Kaos in New York the Election Does not become a Trump Circus exraordinaire. P.S…. Ecstatic over your Tie!

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