pedro the cat’s politics, continued

For my Election Eve post, I’m going to move past the absurdity of this year’s campaigns to discuss my views on what might be the most absurd aspect of American presidential elections.  And maybe tomorrow I’ll be ready to start on the American government in general…


So, you’re telling me a presidential candidate could be elected President after getting fewer votes than his opponent?  Essentially, he could win and lose the same election?  Huh???

Like many cats and American humans, math is not really my strong suit. And to me it seems like the electoral college turns American presidential elections into a long, painful math word problem.  Maybe they think Americans will be so confused by the electoral vote counts that they won’t notice the $1.15 billion that was just wasted…

If “All men are created equal”, shouldn’t each vote be counted equally? Isn’t the electoral college just geographical discrimination?


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  1. Indeed Pedro…..very little about the election process from start to finish and all the “hoo-ha” in between makes sense. As always, humans have turned this into a circus – and a wasteful one at that.


  2. You are one wise cat Pedro. It does seem like the whole thing is designed to create so much confusion that no-one can remember the money portion. Glad we don’t have it like that here (although we do have our own set of rather unique problems 😀 )

  3. It does seem strange that humans can vote for the newest American Idol or decide whose talent is the most awesome with a phone call but to vote for President takes this weird electoral process. Maybe part of the problem is with all the money wasted on elections, they don’t have standard voting machines or ballots throughout the states. Those cost too much. Voting is a right and a privilege, but it shouldn’t be a hardship. Why are people standing out in the cold for 6hours to vote? Or feeding massive paper ballots into voting machines in Florida? It makes no sense that they spend billions to get elected with a system that is from the middle of the last century and a electoral process from the 1700’s. Cats don’t normally like too much change, but the humans are taking it to the extreme.

  4. I’ve gotta disagree with you about the electoral college vs. the popular vote, Pedro.

    All votes do weigh equally within each state. But the electoral college is very important, in that it keeps the large states from having more influence than the small states.

    Without the electoral college, the states with large populations — New York and California and Texas and Florida — would bury the states with smaller populations. Without the electoral college, those of us in smaller states might as well not even vote.

    Although I do totally agree with you about how complicated it has become. In a lot of ways, it was so much easier when we all had to get out on election day and stand in line for the same kind of voting machine with the little curtain and little levers you had to pull.

  5. I have my paws over my eyes. I am NOT looking. I have voted, my vote won’t make one tiny damn iota of difference in that it’s all or nothing in this state and this state does not go the way I want it to, and that — is that. A crying shame.

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