pedro the cat’s politics, part three

Welcome back to my series on the absurdity of the American election process.  Because I am thoroughly sick of politics and politicians and I am absolutely certain that all of you are too, this will be the final post in this series.  Whew…


In general, there are two kinds of felines.  There are those of us that love a good party, and those of us that would rather hide under the couch during a party.  I am an ultra-social, party-loving sort of cat.  So I’m baffled by why Americans would want to have two majority parties.  Why limit yourselves?  I think Americans would be much happier if they just let loose and had parties until their tails fell off.  Or whatever, you get my point…

Additionally, maybe if American politicians let loose and thought about more than their individual parties, they’d actually get some work done to benefit the individual Americans that elected them.


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  1. More words of wisdom about the political wackiness Pedro my pal. Limiting parties? Seems too restrictive to me and I’m not a restrictive kind of guy. I am, however, quite glad I won’t have to see all those campaign ads on TV any longer – I truly was “up to here” with all the @!##&%!! – know what I mean? Now that the election is over with, what’s your next “project” Pedro? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! I think humans would be surprised to know how much cats dislike restrictions. I’m pretty glad the elections are finally over – they really bring out the stupid in people… I’m not sure what’s next. Maybe I’ll just pretend to be an average adorable housecat until the holidays…

  2. Pedro I fancy your party spirit and your very wise political commentary. I agree, if each politician focused on doing their job as an individual & not to suit the party they belong too, heaps more would be achieved 🙂

  3. And then there’s the fact that we DO have more than two parties, but the public relations machine keeps insisting there are only two. If I were in Congress and in one of those *other* parties, I would spend my day angry at the slight, at the attitude that said my constituents and I didn’t exist.

    I’ve been well removed from the electioneering this year, so only feel profound relief that our president has been re-elected. Not even joy because of the horrible trials to come for him.

    Play nice or get out!

    Ooooo, thanks for the platform here. I can feel the finger hovering over the delete button and that is just fine! <:-D Go on, hit it!

    • You’re welcome to use my platform whenever you’d like. I appreciate a human that understands the absurdity of humans. 😉 And other than campaign spending ($6 BILLION INCLUDING PACS AND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. $6 BILLION!!!) the “2 party” thing is absolutely the absurdest.

      • Where do we come up with this stuff, we humans?! Truly, I imagine a few people (OK, truthfully, it’s old white guys) in a room makin’ this stuff up and laughin’ their a&&es off, smokin’ cigars!

        But 6 billion AND the government is facing a shutdown and raising taxes!!

  4. Now THIS, Pedro, I wholeheartedly support.

    First, more parties means more cake (and more bonito flakes).

    Second, on a more serious note, if people weren’t so passionately bound to *their* party, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge and hate people in the *other* party. There’s entirely too much Us vs. Them in politics. And in life, for that matter. 😦

    Plus, more cake!

    • I totally forgot about the extra cakes and flakes, Auntie! Why is it that cat-blog-reading-humans seem so reasonable and appreciate the importance of compromise and teamwork in government, but the government doesn’t seem to see that at all???

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