kitty’s noggin

my favorite photo of Kitty

I suppose it’s time to make the official announcement… Poor old Kitty was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week.  Because she’s older than dirt, she is not an ideal candidate for any aggressive treatments.  So my human will be giving her medicine to make sure she’s comfortable and happy, and my time is going to be spent making sure she is well-groomed for as long as she has left.  There’s no way to know if she has weeks or months, but I am committed to focusing my attention on her.

I think our vet might be an idiot (more on that later) so I’ve researched the internet extensively.  Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment plan does seem to be correct.  I’m very sad that the tumor can’t be surgically removed, because I found the COOLEST thing for Kitty to wear while recovering from brain surgery – a pink helmet from Zoomer Gear.  Maybe I’ll order one for her anyway, because I think she would LOVE it.

Despite the fact that our vet appears to be correct about Kitty’s noggin, I do have serious doubts about his intelligence.  The reason I’m concerned is that he seems to think that Kitty’s sudden decision to love me on February 27, 2012 after hating me for years is the first visible “symptom” of her brain tumor.  How could that possibly be a symptom?  Who could NOT love Pedro the Cat???  Hmph.

Please don’t be sad for Kitty.  She has lived a long, happy life.  (Really, how many American cats are old enough to VOTE?)  She is comfy and happy now, and I’m going to take very good care of her.  And when I’m not grooming her I plan on writing some posts celebrating Kitty’s long life.


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  1. Three cheers for Kitty for having enjoyed a beautiful and long life. And three cheers for Pedro for loving Kitty. Xxxxxxxxx

  2. I’m so glad Kitty has you as her companion and personal groomer during these last of her days. It’s a shame she has something that can’t be fixed but truly after a very long life of comfort and love, and with whatever it takes to keep her pain-free, she’s in as “good” a place as she could be right now Pedro. You can keep her entertained and warm (now that she’s allowing you to snuggle with her!) and what more could ANY of us ask for in our later years than that? I’ll certainly be thinking about Kitty – and you – and your human and send all of you Sammy Hugs.

    Your BFC Sam

  3. Well, I’ll try not to be sad for Kitty (since you so politely asked), but as Sam said, I WILL be thinking of her. You’re a wonderful friend, Pedro, and Kitty is so fortunate to have you to help take care of her.
    Purrayers for Kitty and kitty hugs to you, Pedro.
    Love, Sundae

  4. I was touched by the love for Kitty that shines so brightly from your post. It is a beautiful thing to witness. Kitty will be in our thoughts as will you and everyone who loves her. Sometimes being the one left behind can be very hard. Remember to let someone take care of you throughout the rest of Kitty’s Journey. I know everyone out in the blogsphere looks forward to reading about Kitty’s long happy life. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe and Hitch

    • Mahalo, Mistletoe and Hitch, for your kind thoughts. My human is pretty worried about me, so I’m getting lots of extra cuddles, too. I’m hoping for some bonito flakes to help with the grieving. Or ahi sashimi, maybe.

  5. Show us the way, dear Pedro, for how to find beauty in grieving. We are not so good at that over here. We tend to get torn apart. But — maybe that idea about love coming from changes in the brain is not so idiotic after all. Whatever. We’ll take the love no matter what the cause.

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