pedro the cat’s ocd

imageSorry I haven’t updated my blog all week. I’ve been busy bathing myself obsessively. Now that Kitty’s medicine is working, she hates me again and I’m not allowed to groom her… I guess our vet might not be an idiot after all. I wonder if he can prescribe something for my OCD before my tummy is bald again…


7 comments on “pedro the cat’s ocd

  1. Pedro! Get a grip on that ocd guy…..bald is not a good look for you! I am glad to hear Kitty is on some meds to perk her up though…..too bad that her feeling better means she has realized again that she hates you. Poor Pedro…..this is a high price to pay after you took such good care of her when she let her! Life isn’t always fair though is it………..

    Your BFC Sammy

  2. Licking till you are bald isn’t a good look. My cat, Mackenzie, did this because he was stressed by other cats. After trying lots of things, including Valium which made him hyper, he gets half a hormone tablet once a fortnight and his fur has all grown back. He’s still fastidious about his personal hygiene, but not OCD about it. I hope you can find something to help you find a happy medium too.

  3. Aw. If only you lived closer, you could be Ping’s groomer. His floof is really hard to manage sometimes and it could use your expert assistance.

    Please don’t go bald, Pedro!

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