my human’s sense of humor

Some of you may remember how absolutely perfect my Christmas tree was last year. It was the most fantastic gift I’ve ever gotten…

ready to pounce I think this year’s tree must be my human’s idea of a joke… I’m not laughing. image


17 comments on “my human’s sense of humor

  1. Well my friend, I don’t imagine you’ll be climbing up into that one now will you! I think it would probably topple over if your human put one ornament on it! Let’s hope this IS a joke and the REAL tree will be forthcoming – after all – there’s plenty of time for her to react to that look of disappointment on your furry face! 😦

    Holiday Hugs from your BFC Sammy

  2. Oh, but Pedro, there’s still that little shiny bauble there – just waiting to be batted. You’re up to the task, my friend. Have at it! Make all us kitties proud.
    Purrs, Sundae

  3. Hi Pedro……I’m leaving this comment on an older post just to say (1) your friends all miss you (especiall me – your BFC) and (2) your gift box for Katarina and the other kitties at HOKAFI SP#1 was amazingly generous. We just read Miss Melanie’s LEMONYSQUEEZES blog and it seems your gifts really were a HUGE hit. A lovely and very generous thing to do buddy… like you and your human! Hope all’s well in your world………

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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