pedro the cat is feeling sad today

Kitty 1994 - 2013

Kitty 1994 – 2013

I’m very sad today… This morning my human sat me down for a long talk. She told me that poor old Kitty hasn’t been feeling well, so she was going to take Kitty someplace where she’d be all better and her head wouldn’t hurt anymore. At first I was sad because I won’t have anyone to bathe, but then I started thinking about the fabulous feline retirement home where Kitty must be going. It must be a fantastic place for my human to even consider it… I’m envisioning a beautiful butterfly farm, with lots of long grass to hide in and beautiful butterflies flitting about. And there must be lizards there. And lots of birds. But no feral chickens. And I bet they’ll feed Kitty all the strawberry Yoplait yogurt she wants, because that is her favorite. And it will have lots of sun puddles to nap in. And at night, she’ll have her very own bathtub to curl up in to sleep. She always hated it when I bugged her in the bathtub…

So I’m sad today because I’ll miss poor old Kitty, but I know she’s someplace much better. And my human has been stuffing me with bonito flakes since she got home, so maybe this will work out well for me, too.


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  1. Be strong Master Pedro. May the Kitty Cat Force be with you. Intercontinental hugs for Lucky Girl and Sweetie Pie….

  2. Pedro I am so sorry. I think Kitty is checking out the beautiful flitting around butterflies and lizards right now and thinking about a nap later in her very own sun puddle. Scritches to you….

  3. My dear BFC…..I’m sure you will miss Kitty but what a lovely place you picture her in – I think that’s where ALL of us want to be one day (but not too soon of course). I hope your Mom gives you tons of bonito flakes and extra attention because it’s going to be ever so quiet around there isn’t it……Please tell your human that my Mom sends a hug to her will you? You and are are probably too manly for hugs BUT I do send a paw shake and a wink….because I know you could use a friend.

    Your BFC Sammy

    • Aloha, Sammy. I was hoping my BFC would stop by for a paw shake and a wink, and maybe a manly hug. It’s kinda lonely around here, but I’ll be OK. It’s good to know Kitty is someplace beautiful and her noggin doesn’t hurt any more. And pretty soon I’ll have my human on the right grooming schedule. This morning she wasn’t thrilled with the 3am bath… We’ll adjust. 😦

      Thanks for the thoughts and hugs from you and your mom. It’s good to know my BFC is there for me.

    • Aloha, Oldcat. Thanks for the kind words. I will cherish the time I spent with Kitty. Even when she hated me… And since I have so much time on my paws now, maybe I could apply for a job as Calpurnia’s groomer???

  4. Oh my dear Pedro, posts like this one always make me cry. Hang in there my friend, I’m sure Kitty is in a very good place right now. Take care. Bowie says “Meow”.

  5. Pedro, Even as a Dog lover myself, I am sad for you and your sweet person, I know the loss will be very hard on you both. Know that Kitty had a very special person care for her in her life and friend in you even if Kitty didn’t always show it I am sure you were very special to her also, I bet the butterflies are beautiful. Enjoy the Bonto flakes, and now you will have more time to bathe and groom your human….

    • Thanks for your kind words. It seems pretty quiet and lonely around here, but we’ll be OK. Last night I tried to work my human into Kitty’s normal grooming schedule, but she didn’t seem to appreciate a 3am bath. She’ll get used to it eventually, I’m sure.

  6. Hi, Pedro. I have fallen WAY behind on visits the last many weeks, and am just now getting around to seeing this. Although I’m late in sharing a comment, I just wanted you to know that I am very sad for you and your human that Kitty is gone. I can imagine it will take some time to adjust to her absence. I’ll be thinking of you!

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