pedro on the mend

I’ve been pretty sick for the last week or so.  My human thinks it was stress, but because I’m such a confident and well-adjusted feline I’m pretty sure germs were involved. Or maybe aliens… Anyway, I’m feeling better now but still not looking my best, so I thought I would share my observations of living in a single cat home instead of trying to touch up my latest pics. (Toe floof makes airbrushing difficult.) Here are the pros and cons:

Pro – I don’t have the additional pressure of having to make sure any other cats are appropriately groomed.
Con – I  don’t have the pleasure of making sure any other cats are appropriately groomed.

Pro – I don’t have to eat yucky senior cat diet kibble anymore.
Con – I am now being served a different yucky senior cat diet kibble. On a schedule.

Pro – It’s very quiet at night without Kitty talking to herself.
Con – I am often awakened by my own snoring, and there’s no one else to blame it on.

Pro – Patrolling my territory for invading cats is much simpler.
Con – It’s hard to keep up the security level with no one to practice ambush techniques on, as my human doesn’t seem to think it’s as fun as I do.

Pro – I don’t have to share any lizards, spiders, bugs, or gazelle I catch.
Con – No more team stalking and capture of lizards, spiders, bugs, or gazelle. My human is a completely inept huntress.

Pro – I seem to get unlimited cuddles and tummy rubs now.
Con – I only have my human for cuddling, and she’s not very fuzzy.

Pro – I get to practice leaping and tightrope walking in private.
Con – There’s no one to cheer me up when curtain rods break, accessories pull out of walls, pottery shatters, and furniture falls over.

As you can see, there are positive and negative aspects of being in a single cat domicile. I haven’t really decided which option is better, but I am considering accepting applications for a new roommate cat…


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  1. Aww Pedro. Stress can do strange things to your kitty self. I read your pros and cons and I can see how you could be feeling some stress. I am happy to hear you are on the mend. I think accepting applications for a roommate cat might just be a most excellent idea.

  2. Alas Pedro my BFC…..I have always been an only cat but I should think it’s a BIG adjustment to being an only after being a companion/groomer for Kitty. Perhaps your recent illness was a combo of stress AND germs – most of us don’t like CHANGE of any type do we?! I’m sticking with my original suggestion of your human obtaining a little Pedro Junior for you to raise – THAT would certainly be a full-time job!

    Kitty Hugs, Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! It’s so hard to decide… On one paw, I’m really liking being the spoiled only cat. But on another paw, it would be really nice to have another cat around to push around… Maybe you should come visit, Sammy. We could hang out, groom a little, destroy some furniture, and I could teach you to high-six…

  3. Ah, Pedro. Solitude is indeed a double edged sword. I was very sorry to hear about Kitty. In fact, I had once harboured hopes that she and I might have found a beautiful pea green boat and eloped, but it was not to be. At least not in this lifetime. But we’re cats. There are many more to come. And I’m sure you had her well groomed when the time came.
    Anon, amigo.
    Mojo Cat.

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