a tribute to one spoiled cat

Most of my fans have already met my good friend, Sammy from One Spoiled Cat. Since Sammy’s home alone this weekend (or as close to alone as he can get – he’s home alone with Dad) I thought I’d post a little something for him.

Every Tuesday Sammy and his mom post a “Teaser”.  It’s a photo of a fabulous place Sammy’s family has visited (without Sammy, I might add!), and they have a little contest to see who can guess where the photo was taken…  So today, I’m having a little “Teaser” of my own…


So here I am, being groomed and pampered in my luxury feline resort, while my human is being completely irresponsible and vacationing in the above location. Frankly, I’m getting a little bored with my holiday and I’m ready to get back to work… Can anyone PLEASE tell me where this photo was taken, so I can go get my human and drag her back to reality? I have things to do, people to groom, and furniture to scratch.


17 comments on “a tribute to one spoiled cat

  1. Somewhere in the southwest? That’s the best I can do, Pedro. Hope she’s home soon, so you can get busy! (Loved your reply to lahgitana)
    Purrs, Sundae

  2. Well Pedro – I THOUGHT I left a guess here yesterday but apparently it disappeared into cyberspace (or wherever your human is)……I guessed Mars. It looks rather Mars-like to me…..my secondary guess (we are allowed one I assume??) is that she may have entered some kind of timewarp tunnel and is back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and it’s a giant tar pit. DID I WIN??? DID I WIN??? Do I get a Pedro Hug???

    Your BFC Sam

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