pedro gets results

My recent hunger strike protesting my human’s lengthy vacation (6 nights!!!) was incredibly difficult. After almost 24 hours without nourishment I was weak with hunger and beginning to hallucinate that my attendants were giant ahi tunas, and I really wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out. But just as I was about to give in and have a little snack, my human arrived to take me home. Whew. It was the most difficult protest I’ve ever staged, and I’m so glad it finally paid off. Now you’ll have to excuse me – after brunch I need to find some pillows to pee on and shoes for hairball expectoration…



P.S. Utah. She was in Utah. Who in their right mind vacations in Utah in February???


5 comments on “pedro gets results

  1. Well, Pedro, I’m sure you will forgive her and all will be well soon. That has to be the fastest hunger strike results in history!
    Purrs, Sundae

  2. At long last, Pedro heads home….well, halleluja – and just in time. Hallucinations due to hunger ought to put your human to shame but I’m guessing NOT. As for her claiming to have been in Utah… that the capital city of Planet Mars? I’m sticking with my guess that photo was taken on another planet. Yep.

    Your BFC Sam

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