pedro has a new strategy

A lot has changed in my household over the past few months. I have to admit that like a lot of felines, I don’t always enjoy big changes. And sometimes I don’t really enjoy little changes, either. Since my human seems to be oblivious of this, I’ve decided to try a new strategy. I think that the best course of action is for me to physically restrain her. I’ve climbed into her lap to hold her down, and I’m not going to move. Except for the occasional snack, of course. If she can’t leave the house, she can’t change anything, right?


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    • Aloha Smokey the Cat! I can’t imagine how a human could be irritated by a cat cuddle. Unless, maybe… Are you sure you’re a cat? I’ve heard of a Smokey The Bear, and I’m guessing that having a bear in your lap could be VERY irritating!

      • Mom tells me I have delusions of being human. It could be my love of shoes and purses. But the truth is, I am more of a next to than on lap sort of fellow. In fact, right now I am next to mom, and next to the laptop.

  1. Poor little dude…. we 2-legs know that in the Cat Instructions for Living, *changes* are only mentioned in one of those scary lists in the appendix, the Do Not Do list.

    Still so sorry for your loss. The feel of the household takes a long time to right itself after a death.

  2. Good luck Pedro…..doesn’t work for me – if my human wants to get up (even if I’m totally comfy on her lap) she just dumps me on the floor unceremoniously and goes on her way. Perhaps you’ll have better luck with yours.


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