pedro’s new strategy, cont…


It’s terribly uncomfortable to sleep on such a lumpy object, but I’m committed to making my new strategy work!


7 comments on “pedro’s new strategy, cont…

  1. I think you found a winning strategy, Pedro.

    Does your peep spend hours meditating on your unique and purrfect black and white spots? I do with Sprocket. I also meditate on Chun’s stripes and the Miao Brothers’ majestic floof.

    • In this photo, my human is meditating on my fuzzy rear end, which is almost entirely black. Maybe I’ll mix it up a bit so she can meditate on my spotty parts tomorrow. I wouldn’t want her to get bored… You’re lucky to have such a huge variety of cats for meditation, Littlemiao. 😉

  2. Looks like your strategy might be paying off….I’d say your human is totally covered with Pedro-ness. Nice of you to give her an up close view of your hind-quarters there Pedro – – – she does look appreciative in this shot.

    Your Pal Sam

  3. nothing says love like hind-foot-holding-the-face!

    I gave in without too much fuss–I’m the revolving kitty lap. So hang in there–ya gotta teach new routines slowly but consistently.

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