pedro moves on to plan b…


Well, my strategy to physically restrain my human to avoid any further changes was failing. She kept sneaking out when I got distracted. So I’ve moved on to Plan B… I’ll just stow away in her purse. That way I can be with her always to use my feline mind control to keep her from making poor choices. I think this plan is a winner – she’ll never suspect a thing!


11 comments on “pedro moves on to plan b…

  1. Pedro old boy, my young colleague, Toko Cat, wrote an interesting piece on dealing with strays recently. You have implemented a number of her recommended steps already. She has one more listed, which, with your colouring, you should definitely try.
    Good luck, my mog.
    Mojo Cat.

    • Aloha Mojo! I’ve studied Toko’s post intently – a cat as lovely as her must be brilliantly smart. There are a few more strategies to implement if this one fails, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this one.

  2. Hmm….good luck with Plan B my friend….something tells me when she sees a floofy tail hanging out of her pink purse she’s going to suspect something’s afoot (or should I say atail?).


  3. Sorry your first plan didn’t work. It was such a good plan!

    Maybe she’ll start taking you with her when she goes out. I know Sprocket would like to go with me. But that might interfere with your catnap and grooming schedule.

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