pedro the mopey cat

imageMy human has apparently gotten sick of me moping. Yesterday she went to the local humane society to interview potential prospect cats that are interested in becoming my new personal assistant. It’s a difficult job – lots of grooming, fawning, worshipping, and adoring. Thankfully, my human understands the importance of finding just the right cat for the job… But unfortunately, none of the felines at the humane society were suitable. My human did make an interesting choice, though. She’s trying to hire a temp. (She calls it “fostering”. Whatever.) I’ll keep you posted on whether or not Grizzly accepts the job of Temporary Assistant to Pedro the Cat.


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  1. Every up and coming execucat needs to work his way through a number of temps. It rounds out his CV no end. Good lick with that.

  2. Hmmm. Motor Mommy keeps mentioning something similar…. But she’s afraid it would just create too much havoc in our quiet little household. (Interpretation: she thinks I would go crazy if another feline invaded my space…)

  3. An ad for Luminosity showed up side-by-side with this post. It touts as its benefits — let’s see if I can quality here, trying to do this from memory — “Speed, —

    Nope. Gotta look. “Speed, Attention, Memory, Problem-solving, and Flexibility.”

    Sounds like a list of the attributes the Temp needs to possess. Obviously I don’t quality.


    • Aloha Bugsy! I’d say that flexibility is really the key – that way the temp can groom all of those hard-to-reach places! What did you look for when you were getting your new assistant???

      • I was side-lined for this important decision. I resent that very much. However, because I am noble, I am refraining from mentioning it to anybody but you, buddy. Just as I refrained from mentioning Maru in a recent post, to spare your feelings. Maybe you haven’t even seen that post, in which case your feelings are safe. Because I haven’t mentioned Maru. So you won’t feel upset.

        • I spent the day catching up on the other cat blogs, and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your sensitivity. When I’m down in the dumps, the last thing I need to think of is the M-cat with his stupid boxes. Did you save a cupcake for me?

          • Err — couldn’t decide which flavor you’d like. So skunked the decision entirely. Now feeling — what is that feeling. It’s quite a strange one. I’ll ask the Bean. Bean? She says — “regret”? I think not. Not in my vocabulary. Get your human to get you one and tell her I sent ya. She owes you after all. With all this assistant business. –Bugs

    • Hopefully Grizzly’s people get back to my human soon and accept our offer. He has some temporary cosmetic/medical issues that make him a less-than-ideal candidate for adoption, so a few months working for me while he recovers might be just what he needs. Cross your fingers that the Humane Society agrees!

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