pedro’s temp failure

Aloha fans and friends!  I’d like to introduce you to Grizzly:grizz

My human offered Grizzly a temporary position on my staff, but his people haven’t responded to my person.  I’m a little sad about that because Grizzly seems to have all of the attributes I know my assistant must possess: he’s a cat…  And my human seems a little disappointed because she feels that giving this temp position to Grizzly is in his best interest.  See, Grizzly has the feline equivalent of a mullet gone wrong – party in the front, business in the back.  The poor guy is recovering from a serious flea allergy, and he’s got some bare patches… If Grizzly’s people aren’t interested in the fostering/temp thing while Grizzly’s bum gets furry, maybe someone with thumbs should knit the poor guy some pants.

Anyway, I guess the hunt for my new personal assistant must go on.  So, I was thinking that I would put together an application to assist my human in the selection process.  I haven’t completed the whole form yet, but I have come up with some essential questions.  For those of you that aren’t feline, the correct answers are shown in green.

When spending a day at the beach, would you be more likely to be:
A) Building sandcastles.
B) Knocking over other cats’ sandcastles.
C) Cat napping.

How do you feel about feline cuisine?
A) I’m VERY food oriented. In fact, I need a snack right now.
B) Meh.

What is your favorite sleeping position?
A) At the foot of the bed.
B) In the bath tub.
C) On the pillow.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
A) Don’t be an idiot – I’m a cat, not a tree.
B) Maple.
C) A pussy willow.


9 comments on “pedro’s temp failure

  1. How strange that you make the offer and get no reply. Oh well, I love the application form. What is it with cats and bathtubs? Mine love them as well, although they use them as their personal playpens, rather than for sleeping.

    • My only guess is that our humane society doesn’t think a balding adult black male cat that’s already been available for adoption for 2 months isn’t going to have any trouble finding his furrever home. Ahem… I personally love bathtubs, but I would never sleep in one. That’s why my assistant cat should plan on sleeping there. 🙂

  2. Fear not, the right cat will come. Maybe they think your strict grooming regime would be too much for someone trying to grow hair?

    • My human thought of that one – she planned to keep us segregated so my super-efficient tongue couldn’t do more damage to poor Grizzly’s bum… That’s not a sentence you see very often, is it?

  3. Oh, dear. My humom is almost in tears. Grizzly looks almost exactly like her former kitty, Beezy…. Mom says Beezy was her kitty soul-mate. You’d think that would bother me — nah, I’m too independent to be anybody’s soul mate. Anyway good luck with the search, Pedro. I sure hope Grizzly does okay……
    Purrs, Sundae

    • Aloha, Sundae! I’m with you on the soul mate thing – what cat in their right mind would want to be a silly human’s soul mate??? I hope Grizzly finds a family soon, and I hope his bum stays warm in the meantime…

  4. Grizzly of the hairless bum is an interesting “Temp” option and probably a considerable challenge for you Pedro. I do think it’s quite nice your human is providing him with a respite from shelter life while he grows his fur back. It would be nice if he found a forever home though. I think your application form is quite thorough – I should think you’d be overflowing with willing applicants.


    • Hi, Sammy! Unfortunately, the shelter doesn’t seem to think poor Grizzly needs fostering. I sure hope they’re right because it sure seems like finding a new family will be challenging for a cat with a naked behind… Maybe I’m wrong and some human will look at Grizzly’s little pink bum and think, “Aha! A cat that won’t cough up as many hairballs!”

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