pedro the cat’s new assistant

Well, so far the new Temporary Personal Assistant to Pedro the Cat is a complete flop. Grizzly arrived almost a week ago, and I haven’t even met him yet! And even worse, my human is spending a disturbing amount of time with him, when she could be grooming me. I understand that Grizzly is having a bad fur day (or month, maybe) but the amount of attention he’s getting is a little ridiculous. Really, how bad could it be??? I think the healthiest thing for Grizzly to do would be to immerse himself in working on a new marketing campaign for Pedro the Cat. That would certainly take his mind off of his problems…



11 comments on “pedro the cat’s new assistant

  1. Wow…. I’ve missed stuff! Well, I’m glad you got the (scratching) post filled. I’ve no doubt they’re just bringing him up to speed behind closed doors. The world is your oyster, Pedro. Or whatever other kind of fish you fancy.

  2. Did you say bad pun or bad buns??? Poor Grizzly does need some reupholstering…..hopefully you two can actually meet in purrson soon. Tough to have an assistant who operates behind closed doors.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Yep, we are pretty punny, aren’t we? Hopefully Grizzly appreciates a good joke, because he’s bound to be the butt of a few good ones. (Grizzly’s the butt of a joke – get it?)

      But seriously, I can’t wait to meet him… I’m guessing he looks less like your mom’s soulmate cat now, right?

      • A little. Although Mom says the vet used to have to shave Beezy all over (except his head and tail) because his fur matted, and he wouldn’t let her comb him. She has some interesting photos….
        Poor Grizzly…..

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