pedro the cat’s epiphany

imageTonight I gave Grizzly a little cat bath to straighten up his legs and back a bit. Grizzly didn’t seem afraid that I was really just preparing to eat him, and I remembered how much I enjoyed my role as Household Hygiene Manager. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that I want Grizzly to stay beyond the fostering agreement. In fact, I’m actually thinking of things on a much, much larger scale. Imagine this: Pedro the Cat’s Professional Cat Wash.  You fouls ’em, Pedro towels ’em… OK, the slogan might need some work. But isn’t that a FABULOUS idea for my next career move?

Mahalo to for letting me use the cow-spotted goat photo without permission. (I’m guessing the photographer didn’t bother to get the permission of said cow-spotted goat, or of the little stripy rodent thing, so I don’t feel bad!)


4 comments on “pedro the cat’s epiphany

  1. Say Pedro……I know you had hoped for a cow-spotted horse at one point but this little goat guy could be just the ticket! He must be small if that photo of him with the guinea piggy thing is FOR REAL. Anyway, I think your idea for “Pedro’s Cat Wash” is pure genius. You are, after all, obsessed with cleanliness (your own and others) so why not put that to good use??? I might even come all the way from Virginia to get the “deluxe” wash myself!


    • Aloha Sammy! I think the Cat Wash is going to be a HUGE success. I’m definitely a skilled groomer, and what cat doesn’t like a goos bath??? If you come all the way from Virginia, I’ll even throw in a pedi/pedi with your deluxe wash! 🙂

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