grizzly possibilities

imageI was fully prepared to hate Grizzly.  I mean, really, what’s not to hate about a balding interloper with absolutely no business acumen? But I have to admit that the weird little guy is starting to grow on me. And I’m starting to think that even though The Grizz is clearly not capable of filling the position of Personal Assistant to Pedro the Cat, he still might be useful…

It’s good to have a cat around for stalking and ambush practice, and Grizzly has proven himself a formidable opponent. And he has mad dust mopping skills. My human’s lack of photographic abilities means he never looks good in photos, which makes me look even better. And think of the cleanliness potential if I can harness the power of his licker… And best of all, not only is Grizzly on a special (and quite tasty) diet, his taste buds are obviously broken because he really, really prefers my awful diet kibble.

I’m not saying that I think my human should actually adopt the Grizzled Guy, but I am saying that I think it’s worth some additional thought.  And in the meantime, while his bum recovers (literally!) I’ll enjoy using him as a sparring partner.image


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  1. Looks to me like you’ve got a play partner if not an assistant Pedro. I’d say Grizzly is a “moldable” (not moldy!) kind of guy – the potential is there for many things (a job in your car wash for one). I think the two of you would make a good combo. Yes I do.

    Your BFC Sam

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