pedro the cat’s latest award

Most of my adoring fans already know my BFC, the ginger genius of One Spoiled Cat.  Sammy nominated me for a really special award last week, the Best Moment Award.  I am really honored to have been nominated, and Grizzly and I have been working on my acceptance speech all week.  (Really I’ve been working on the speech, and The Grizz has a been working on being my pillow.  It’s fantastic that he has such useful skills.). Unfortunately, I’m not quite ready to post my acceptance just yet.  But I wanted to make sure you all know that the acceptance and my nominations are coming soon, so anyone who would like to have this huge honor bestowed on them should send gifts.  Preferably bonito flakes. stay tuned for that exciting event later this week. And thanks and a big head bump to Sammy!!!

(Isn't my whiskerage impressive in this photo?)

(Isn’t my whiskerage impressive in this photo?)


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  1. Well Pedro my man – I have to say, turning Grizz into your own personal pillow was a stroke of genius. He looks like he’d make a most comfy pillow indeed. I just KNEW you’d come up with a good job for him around your kingdom there even if being your PA wasn’t working out as you’d hoped. I’m glad you like your award buddy – and I certainly agree that the photo of you and your pillow DOES show your whiskerage to its’ FULL advantage……HEAD BUMPS BACK ATCHA!

    Your BFC, Sammy
    p.s. don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for my blogaversary bash…… 😀

    • Hi, Sammy! I’m a firm believer that everycat excels at SOMETHING – it’s just a matter of finding one’s talent. And Grizzly’s talent is definitely pillowing…

      I wouldn’t miss your pawty for anything, Sammy! I’ll be there to give you congrats and a head bump! 😀

    • Aloha, Littlemiao! I love it when you stop by because you always notice how handsome I am. 🙂 Grizzly’s coat (where he has one) is much, much thicker than mine. So he makes the PERFECT pillow. I could mail him to you if you’d like to try it out!

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