grizzly the permanent temp?

Sigh… I just found out that my human actually adopted the foster cat. Grizzly is now a permanent fixture around here, and I think that means I’ll never have a competent personal assistant.

Don’t get me wrong, Grizzly is an OK cat. But he just doesn’t have any useful skills. His interdigital floof gets in the way of iPad typing as much as mine does. He doesn’t have any marketing experience. He clearly has the whole grooming thing wrong, and he doesn’t have the level of subservience that I expect. And he isn’t even a lovely girl cat with a big, floofy tail and beautiful eyes like these:


Yeah, I guess I’m a little glad that Grizzly doesn’t have to go back to the shelter. I just wish my human had taken my needs into consideration before making such a monumental decision…  I hope she doesn’t make a habit of bringing home every naked cat she meets on the street.


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  1. Oh yay..that is wonderful as it provides you a trainee..someone to get up to speed when you need a break! Dinermintz was also a foster permanent,as was Cleo…boy they do weave magical spells on us humans 🙂

    • Hmm… I suppose Grizzly could be trained to do something useful. Maybe he could learn to cook – that would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

      I do think this fostering thing is just a ploy. How could a human resist keeping their “foster cat” after said cat works their magic? Silly humans.

      • I know..Dinnermintz was a three time bounce back from my vol shelter..catflu that just kept going through the isolation she ‘forced me’ to take her home and care for her..three strikes I was a gonner! She already worked out the drill when she came home and melted me…dang 😉 Get Grizz on some Master cat cooking ..pronto! 🙂

    • Aren’t those eyes lovely? And here I am, stuck with the Grizzmeister…

      I’m sure you know that eyeball. It belongs to a lovely girlcat that shares a name with part of your clowder. 😉

        • not lately, no.

          I was a bit curious about how far back you had to go for the photo, but I just now found it.

          You need to lighten up some on old Grizzley. I’m sure he has his good points, besides being a pillow. And at least your mama didn’t adopt a wild chicken or something.

  2. Pedro, I’m so sorry that you won’t have a good assistant there with Grizzly. But I am happy that he has a home….. (and I’m sure you are too!)

  3. Well Pedro, I have this feeling that you’ll succeed in whipping old “Pantaloons aka The Grizz” into shape with your ways – I know you’ve been holding back on the training regimen because you thought he’d be out of there soon but now that you know he’s one of the family and staying, you can start PHASE TWO. At least you won’t suffer the embarrassment of having a pantless partner. I am happy Grizz has a home – I think the two of you will “grow” on each other… know……like mold or a fungus……(hahaha).

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! I sure wish you were here to help me train The Grizzly-fungi. He has so much to learn that I don’t even know where to start. I’m thinking maybe a cat nap should come first… So much to do, and so little time!

  4. Ahh, this is a very interesting (and perhaps not-so-unexpected) turn of events. I have been thinking of you and your human very much, Pedro, and especially sweet Grizzly. I have also been meaning to write for AGES. This post prompts me to get to that very soon! In the meantime, I am keeping my fingers cross that he turns out to be a FAB apprentice.

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