training the new guy

I know I’ve been gone too long.  I’ve been so busy trying to show poor Grizzly the ropes that I haven’t had any time for blogging…  Initially I was concerned that Grizzly might not be a very effective personal assistant.  At this point, I’m concerned about him being an effective feline.  Really, what cat in their right mind steals GRAPES?



20 comments on “training the new guy

  1. Pedro, old boy. Think outside the box! Grapes make excellent play things. Inedible, mind you, but so are plastic balls.
    Mojo Cat.

  2. Gee Pedro…..if he’s hooked on grapes, how long before he’s stealing wine??? Keep an eye on him….he bears watching! I have to admit the Grizzmeister is lookin’ good now that he’s wearing pants though.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Hey, Sammy! I didn’t even think about grapes being a gateway drug for the Grizzmeister. I’ll have to keep an eye and a whisker on him… The pants are much better, aren’t they? So at least he won’t be a naked lush! 😀

  3. Oh dear…mine do!! flick them out of bowls like a game…then I find them deceased and shrivelled days later under random things…. 😉

    • Just as any cat should do – chase them, bat them, kill them, and leave the little grape carcasses as tiny surprise gifts hidden in unlikely spots. But what cat actually EATS them? Blech!

      • Exactly..thats not right hehehe I have to hide them because they are toxic to dogs…and of course if they aren’t ‘mining’ the litter tray (another unseemly past time) they will be waiting for the grape carcass…harder work than it was to raise four kids hehehe 🙂

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