I am Pedro, and I am a cat.  It has recently come to my attention that there are endless opportunities for an enterprising cat with even minimal talent.  Since my human is obviously an underachiever, I’ve taken my career into my own paws.  And this is just the beginning…


16 comments on “about

  1. Hey Pedro……thanks for “liking” my last couple of blogs. I just checked out YOUR blog and just wanna say I’ve never seen a moo-cat before. Way cool coloring. Makes an old red tabby coat look kinda boring but it’s the only coat I have. I do, however, have extra claws on my front paws so maybe I get a couple of points for that??

    Nice to meet ya. Mom signed up to get your postings – seems like we have something in common – being spoiled?????

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

    • Aloha Sammy!
      Please don’t feel bad about your ginger tabby coat (ginger makes it sound a little spicier!), not every cat can be as fabulous as I am! And you definitely get extra points for the claws. (How many extra? 1, 2, 17??)

  2. Pedro, I work at the same shelter that lemonysqueezes volunteers. We all, especially the cats, love the care package you sent Sox . You don’t realize how much your thoughfulness means to the cats at HOKAFI, especially the cats in Special Needs 1. They love all your toys, the new soft beds and blankets. Just watching the cats play with their new toys and lay in their soft new beds, just makes our days alot brighter and our smiles alot bigger to see our special cats enjoying your special gifts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your heartfelt gifts from all of us at HOKAFI and especially our loving four legged family.

    • Aloha Stelitta, It makes me really happy to know that the cats are enjoying their care package, and that the humans are enjoying the cats. I know that there are more essential items that HOKAFI must need, but I just had to send Sox (and his friends!) some aloha and a little bit of distraction. 😀

  3. Hello Pedro,we love that you have taken charge..sometimes a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do..our purrsonal assistant will be following your blogs on our behalf what with the no thumbs for typing and all,we are all rescue,dumped or shelter girls and like your style..Marbles,Pickles,Cleo and Dinnermintz…oh and our odd cats the ones that wag their tails Forrest T.SGreen and Doc..our purrsonal assistant aka mum says hi 🙂


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