Behind every great cat is that great cat’s tail. And behind that is a great support system. I would like to take a minute to thank all of the little people for their efforts as I pursue my dream of becoming a celebrity cat…

To Kitty – Thank you for teaching me that it’s OK to use my voice, although sometimes I wish you didn’t use yours so much. And thank you for being so tiny and ancient that I can easily overpower you.

To my human – Thank you for not changing my name from Pedro to something “appropriately bovine” when you adopted me. Thank you for the kibble (even if it is diet) and occasional sashimi. Thank you for having a soft lap and for our daily cuddle after you hit Snooze. And thank you for giving me my own section of the closet.

Misc – Thank you to the mailman for all of the large flat rate boxes. Thank you to Mirror Cat for being such a good friend and listener. And finally, thank you to Maru-san for showing me the possibilities.