december 8, 2011

Pedro is concerned that his holiday posts might make him look too “cute and soft”, which could make people think he isn’t an effective businesscat. Unfortunately, he was so busy climbing the tree working on his marketing plan today that he didn’t have time to spare.  So he asked me to put together a new page with a slideshow showing his more serious, fiercely feline side.  I think you’ll agree that the photos I’ve chosen really represent Pedro’s personality. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


13 comments on “december 8, 2011

  1. Pedro, it’s amazing that you can look so business-like in that pink massager beret yet you pull it off with great aplomb (Mom says that’s an actual word – I like it don’t you??). I think Kitty deserves a LOT of credit for putting this lovely portfolio together. By the way, that pink beret and pink fairy wings combo could easily become your “signature look” !!


  2. A collection of some of my favorites!

    My absolute favorite right now is the belly picture. Floof! And it looks like you have a belt around your tummy but it isn’t quite long enough for your circumference. I love the view of your spotted paws.


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