january 14, 2012

In his most recent post, Pedro marveled at my amazing ability to find him when we play hide and seek.  I thought I would show you some photos to demonstrate my expert hunting skills.


12 comments on “january 14, 2012

  1. Hmm…well Kitty, I should imagine with that big old caboose on brother Pedro sticking out from WHEREVER he’s hiding, it’s pretty easy to locate him isn’t it???

    Also, guess what…..I passed on another award to you two and your human this morning in my Sunday blog. 😉

    Happy Pedro Hunting!

  2. Kitty, Pedro is not too good at hiding. I don’t like to boast, but when I hide NO ONE can find me. And I can sneak up on Jasmine and attack her while she’s sleeping (hehehe), that is so much fun because she thinks she is better than we other two cats. But I do think it would be very fun to play with Pedro. We could have a great game of hide and chase.

    Duke (thanks Shez for helping me with this 🙂

    • On the one paw, I think Pedro’s an idiot for not being smart enough to hide ALL of himself… On the other paw, I wonder about your smarts because what’s the fun in hiding if no one can ever find you???

      I wish you could play hide and chase with Pedro too, Duke.


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