january 30, 2012

To commemorate Pedro’s 100th post, I thought about writing a post with the 100 weirdest things my human has pulled out of Pedro’s nostrils.  Or maybe the 100 strangest things I’ve seen him ingest.  But then I saw this photo, and thought I should let it speak for itself.  


9 comments on “january 30, 2012

  1. Well Kitty it certainly DOES speak for itself…..it speaks VOLUMES…..my only concern is that now that Pedro’s right ear has been replaced by a fluffy green thing, does that mean the left ear will do the same? I don’t know he will maintain his “majestic” look with green floofy ears. Then again, celebrating 100 posts and over 8,000 visitors just might call for fluffy green ears vs. the standard issue ears the rest of us have. Leave it to Pedro to be on the edge of fashion.


    • Maybe Chun should stick to berets and bowlers. The fluffy, floofy thing makes it hard for people (and cats) to take you seriously.


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