Fantastic news!  Grizzly accepted the position of temporary personal assistant to Pedro the Cat, and he’s ready to start training right away.  I’m very excited because I could use more adoration.  I’ll update you all very soon!


Remember little Angus, star of my Name That Pooch Poll? Well, my human has abandonded me to go visit the pooch…  I had planned a glamorous photo shoot for your viewing pleasure, but she seems to have taken the camera.  Hmmph.  I can’t believe she wants photos of a dog, even if he is cow spotty!  

Anyway, for now I’m just working on the high fives with my temp human and thinking of ways to get back at my human for abandoning me…

Remember little…




You aren’t going to believe this – my human seems to have gotten another human!  He seems OK so far.  When he pets me his eyes watery and he gets sneezy, which I think is a sign that he loves me already…  I guess I don’t mind giving up my playroom/office for another human to cater to my every whim.  A little warning would have been nice, though…


unbelievable news!


I know you’re all missing me, so I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here and I’ll be back to work and blogging again soon.  My human has been a bit under the weather, so I’ve been busy taking care of her.  You know – grooming her feet, waking her up every hour to make sure she’s comfy, etc.  Don’t fret about her, though.  I googled her symptoms, and it appears to just be a case of ebola.  Or perhaps a little flu bug.  She’ll be back to taking mediocre photos of the fabulous Pedro the Cat any minute now!

miss me?


The new “Views By Country” stats and map feature is really, really cool. But, where am I???  Did WordPress forget about Hawaii?  😦


Update:  Hawaii seems to be AWOL from the map showing our “views by country”.  The center of the Pacific Ocean appears to be uninhabited…  Unfortunately, the entire map also seems to be AWOL for WordPressers not using an ipad.  That seems like a larger oversight to me…

where’s the aloha???


I just got fantastic news!  Remember how Every Day I See a Cow made me their Halloween Cow of the Day?  Well, I was selected as one of their Top Ten Cows of 2011.  I’m really thrilled to have my talent and beauty recognized by experts.  Thank you to all the little cats and cows who helped me become the cow cat I am today!

an unbelievable honor!


Pedro was really busy today, so he asked me to put together a new page with a slideshow showing his more serious, businesscat side to balance his recent Mr. Nicecat holiday posts.  You should stop by my page for december 8, 2011 to take a peek at the true Pedro the Cat.  I think you’ll agree that the photos I’ve chosen really represent Pedro’s personality.  

our serious businesscat


Just an FYI – I have responded to the Dinky Pony’s legal team at their blog address. Anyone wishing to follow that correspondence can see it at .

Please note that this doesn’t mean I’ve ruled out the Dainty Penguin, Dorky Porky, Sammy, or any other candidate for DP. I think I’m going to need all of the help I can get!

dinky pony’s snooty legal team