december 4, 2011

Pedro has been gloating about his Black Friday boxes, and his new flat rate box. Wait until he sees my Cyber Monday box! 

Good things come to she who waits.  (Notice the Petco tape?  I don’t know what was in it, but it smells like catnip!)


10 comments on “december 4, 2011

  1. Oh Miss Kitty – now THAT’s a great box! Pedro’s gonna be mighty jealous… has to wonder what delightful goodies your human brought home in that box – especially if you can smell catnip. Now promise you’ll resist the temptation to wait for Pedro to hop in so you can tape him up in there and send him BACK to Petco. OK?


    • Nice is such a relative term… It would be very nice of my to ship a giant cow spotted cat to poor children in Uganda. Unfortunately, the postage for a 17 lb cat is insane.


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