my other profile

Name: Pedro the Cat

Age: 7ish in human years

Appearance: Holstein (cow spotted) with red Soft Claws

Size: Holstein

Hobbies & Interests: napping, bathing, salsa (dancing, not the condiment), personal development and introspection, chasing geckos

Likes: naps, Tillamook Medium Cheddar, papaya, tummy rubs, grooming, string cheese, tennis balls, tuna, sinks, cardboard boxes

Dislikes: marinara (I stain easily), hair balls, loud talkers, feta cheese, celebrity cats with no apparent skills or talent, empty food dishes, dust bunnies (they always look tastier than they really are)


4 comments on “my other profile

  1. Ahhh….the wonderful world of Pedro in all its glory….that’s a great picture of you on top of the bookcase absorbing knowledge the EASY way (through the bookcase of course). I hear you on the marinara by the way….when I was little I decided to try pizza and it took three days for my face to get back to ginger instead of red. We sometimes learn the hard way. Great alternative profile my friend.


    • Aloha Savannahnanamo! That’s quite a name, but any friend of Sammy’s is a friend of mine! Don’t my Soft Claws look cool? 🙂 My human is immunosupressed, so she has a hard time fighting any kind of infection. The Soft Claws protect her from any accidental scratches. It’s a great alternative to declawing. Plus I look FABULOUS in them! And my human gets to say, “What’s black & white & red all over? Pedro!”

      • Wow! How cool is that! Thank catgoodness for soft claws. De-clawing cats is sort’a inhumane huh? Look forward to getting to know each other paw pats and mahalo Savannah (did I use that right?)


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