pedro the cat’s incredible shrinking box

I don’t want to cause any alarm, but I seem to be stuck.

And my human’s too busy laughing to offer assistance…


20 comments on “pedro the cat’s incredible shrinking box

  1. Pedro I do believe you’ve misjudged the amount of space one needs to truly be COMFORTABLE in a box bed. Yup…..take a look in the mirror buddy – that’s not another cow kitty following you, it’s your derriere!

    Your BFC Sam

  2. Well, I must agree with my boycatfriend, Sammy, on this one, Pedro. Did you have to be extricated???? tee-hee….
    Purrs, Sundae

    • Funny that you’re the only cat concerned about whether or not I’ve been trapped in this box for the last 24 hours… After an hour or so with no food, enough of me had wasted away that I was able to escape from the cardboard clutches. Disaster was narrowly escaped, Sundae.

  3. No offer of help needed, is what I thought — I can see the seam on the right about to burst. Figgered you’da bust outta there by now.

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