grizzly stows away

Pssst…  I made up my mind – I’m going to brave the albino dust bunny infestation and stick it out here in my foster home.  I’ve stowed away in a shopping bag in case Pedro or the human have any different plans for me.


14 comments on “grizzly stows away

  1. yaaaay! hope you guys work out the boxes and bags, too! Looks like Grizz got the big, comfy bag where ALL of him fits. funny, that! <:-0

    regarding new pants: perhaps the 2-Legs could knit some out of the dust bunnies (that are no doubt Pedro's floofiness spreadin' the love!)?? just floatin' a trial balloon…

    • Unfortunately, the 2-leg seems to be completely inept at albino dust bunny hunting. That’s why they’re so plentiful here…

      There’s nothing Grizz likes more than a good bag. Paper, plastic, fabric, fiberglass, whatever – he climbs right in and starts the purr motor!

  2. Grizzly looks quite comfy in his bag….I’m a bag guy too but I think in Grizz’s case it’s more trying to escape all those floofy white dust bunnies that waft through the air in your house Pedro than actually hiding from you or your human. I trust his below the waist nudity problem has been solved??? Hair grown back in yet??? Southern exposure wasn’t the right look for the old guy.

    Your BFC Sam

    • Aloha, Sammy! Fortunately, the bum is no longer bare. His full coat isn’t in, but he has a nice covering of soft fuzz… I wonder if he’s just in the bag to warm up his rear. I’ll have to watch to see if he still likes bags when he’s totally floofy!

  3. Oh dear Grizz you are a baglady/man…what kitty can’t resist the bag,box,cupboard,suitcase….. all the best Grizz hiding is half the art of ninja kitty! 🙂

  4. yay Grizzly! He looks so intense. I, like Sam, am wondering how his pantaloons are doing. Perhaps a beret would help to draw attention away from his drawers (or lack thereof). I’m not sure what color would suit him best though. Nothing that could be mistaken for a dust bunny.

    • Aloha Littlemiao! You’d be impressed – Griizzly’s bum is looking pretty good these days. He’s wearing soft grey, fuzzy pantaloons now. 😀 Frankly, I’m a little jealous of his undercoat. He’s REALLY well insulated!

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