Fantastic news!  Grizzly accepted the position of temporary personal assistant to Pedro the Cat, and he’s ready to start training right away.  I’m very excited because I could use more adoration.  I’ll update you all very soon!


cow sitting

Ha – look at Maru!  I really, really have to get myself a cow…



P.S. Dear Mr. Yakuza, I hope that you will overlook the fact that I’ve posted one of Maru-san’s photos on my blog. I just think his cow is absolutely fabulous!

maru birthers unite

I’ve been inspired by my idol, Donald Trump, to help bring the truth about Maru’s questionable lineage into the open. Maru claims to be a Scottish Fold, but there isn’t a fold to be seen. He never wears tartan, you never see haggis mixed in with his kibble, and his Japanese doesn’t have even a touch of the Scottish lilt.

As Maru’s latest book release date approaches, I think Maru fans across the world deserve to know the truth. They all deserve to see his birth certificate. If he has nothing to hide, then he should show us proof of his Scottish heritage.