grizzly here…

What’s a cat got to do to get some privacy for a little bath?

What is wrong with these people???




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  1. Hi Grizzly (sorry to intrude on your bath) I am wondering whether you have been thoroughly diagnosed?

    The distribution of your skin-ick reminds me of a friend who got an allergy to kitty-litter, but if this picture doesn’t lie, your skin is not red or swollen or looking irritated in any way. I think it would be, if there were allergies. – My friend’s human managed to find some litter that was hypo allergenic in the end, and he lived happily ever after.

    The other thing that I know of, is that symmetrical patches of hair loss can have a hormonal cause… but in the only case I have seen (my own Urracá, who has thyroid problems), the baldness was only on the sides of his body and a little on the hips/thighs, not on the belly and lower legs. Have you had a full blood workup with all the bells and whistles? High triglycerides gave away the thyroid problem.

    Of course I really have no clue about these things and don’t mean to be rude and nosy or anything, just hope you aren’t having some problem that could be treated in better ways than incessant cat-baths. I hope you are happy and comfy at your new temp home… in spite of the privacy issues.

    • Aloha! I really appreciate your input (the sooner Grizzly gets his pants back, the sooner I get my human’s undivided attention!). The shelter vet initially thought it was a flea allergy, but then decided that stress was the issue. My human took Grizzly to our vet right away to rule out hormonal stuff and things like ringworm or mange. He got a clean bill of health, and our vet thought it was probably an inhaled allergy.

      My human is leaning more towards the stress thing, since there’s no inflammation at all and Grizzly doesn’t seem itchy. Plus, we’ve seen him nurse on himself and then start pulling the fur out. And, the only new bald patch since Grizzly moved in is a spot he nursed on during a very scary thunderstorm.

      So, Grizzly is taking fish oil supplements to help if he has allergies, and flea treatment even though our house is flea-free, and using a basic non-clumping unscented kitty litter just in case. And, he’s getting lots of structured, scheduled play time and brushings to relieve stress. And he has a teddy bear to suck on, should he get the urge to nurse on something furry… Any other suggestions are always appreciated – we gotta get Grizzly fuzzy again!

    • P.S. When I saw your comment, I remembered there was something I really liked about Urraca, but couldn’t quite recall at the time… “Stripospheric hygiene.” I loved that! As a plus-sized cat, I have issues with my own spotospheric hygiene, so I can relate. 🙂

      • 🙂 thanks Pedro, it sounds like your hooman has thought of every possibility with Grizzly. I hope he gets better quickly. My striposphere isn’t getting any slimmer, but he’s got all his fur on.

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