the unvarnished truth about Grizzly

Dust bunny remoraLast week my loyal fans seemed to think I hadn’t given Grizzly enough time when I wrote my post about him not being a suitable candidate for the position of Personal Assistant to Pedro the Cat. I may have sugar-coated things so as not to hurt Mr. Grizzly’s sensitive feelings. So here it is – the plain, honest truth about the two real reasons why I feel Grizzly will never be able to fill those massive shoes:

1. Our human is a horrible housekeeper.

2. Our dust bunnies are albino.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’m sure you all understand my decision.  Soon I’ll be unveiling the creative marketing plan I’ve developed for Grizzly that I think will really showcase his strengths and help him find an adoptive family expeditiously, so my human can get back to concentrating on grooming ME.


11 comments on “the unvarnished truth about Grizzly

  1. Ah ha…the truth comes out….however that dust bunny gracing Grizzly’s black brow looks more like stray Pedro fuzz rather than an albino bunny to me! How many of those bunnies you speak of are actually Pedro fuzz from your grooming regime?? Anyway, good luck with your marketing strategy to find Grizzly a permanent home – he deserves one of course and now that he’s getting his hair back (he IS getting it back – right?) he will be fully clothed for his interviews with prospective human homes.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Aloha, Sammy! I think that if you tested that puff of fluff, you’d find 100% dust bunny DNA, with not a hint of Pedro. 🙂 Grizzly’s coat is coming back, and his bum is now covered in black peach fuzz. I can’t believe how SLOW the progress is, though. It’s going to take forever to get him out of here!

  2. Awww. Sprocket loves wearing dust bunnies too though. I’ve tried to break him of the habit but he’s a dust bunny magnet. I think because your Point #1 also applies to me and we have a big scary basement that I can’t clean because it is big and scary. And dirty.

    Once your house is infested by dust bunnies there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Be careful you don’t acquire your own dust bunnies, Pedro.

    Grizzly looks mildly offended by the dust bunny on his face.

    • Aloha, Littlemiao. The dust bunnies do tend to make The Grizz a little cranky. It’s kinda entertaining, really. 😉 For some reason, Sprocket’s dangly dust bunnies are much cuter than these… My human wishes there was some sort of dust bunny birth control because they breed like bunnies…

    • Not a bad idea… We’re expecting more thunderstorms, so Grizzly might as well take advantage of the time he’ll be spending hiding under the bed… (Poor guy hates thunder even more than I do!)

      • That’s what I was thinking–he’d be under there anyway…. poor little guy– a rough start –glad he’s getting the chance to be fostered for a while…

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