good news for the black & white & red all over

grrrrowlAs ambassador for all creatures Black & White & Red All Over, I am thrilled to say that my human has wisely chosen a new color scheme for Grizzly.  With the black fur and his new purple Soft Claws, Grizz is looking a little like a bruise.  And just a little bit cranky.



11 comments on “good news for the black & white & red all over

  1. He does look a bit cranky….perhaps you could arrange an intro for him with Madame Grumpy Cat? What a pair they would make…..Grizz and Grumpy….. 😀 😀 😀

    Your BFC Sam

  2. Aw…I’m sorry Pedro, not to take anything from you, but Motor Mommy just loves pictures of Grizzly. He’ll get used to those purple claws….

  3. Purple is Sprocket’s favorite color because when he was rescued the vet gave him a purple blankie. Maybe Grizzly will grow to like it. Of course, there is no combination better than black and white and red, and Copycat Sprock wears red to look just like you.

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