good news for the black & white & red all over

grrrrowlAs ambassador for all creatures Black & White & Red All Over, I am thrilled to say that my human has wisely chosen a new color scheme for Grizzly.  With the black fur and his new purple Soft Claws, Grizz is looking a little like a bruise.  And just a little bit cranky.



the reason for grizzly’s bare (bear?) bum

Aha! I’ve got this foster cat all figured out, and now I know the reason for his over-grooming. It’s just so we can discern some part of his body in photos. Otherwise, Grizzly’s just a fuzzy black blob with eyes. image

Good thinking, Grizzly! Maybe you should take a little off under the chin so we can see you have a head… And a bit on the front legs, too. And maybe just even out the hind legs a little…

be afraid. be very afraid…

My human agrees that the only satisfactory Halloween costume I’ve tried is my pirate hat, but she decided that I couldn’t be seen in a costume that everyone and their DOG seems to be wearing (see I’ll agree with that. But watching her making my new costume is making me a little nervous. Anything combining paper mache and catnip spray can’t be good…

feline winter fashions

Even in Hawaii, most cats wear thicker coats in the winter.  This year mine sprouted much earlier than usual, which made September pretty toasty for me…  My human thinks my cold weather attire is different from most cats’. It seems as though my white fur gets longer and thicker, but the black fur doesn’t change.  This photo shows the phenomenon perfectly – notice the beautiful halo of floofy white fur next to the sleeker black cow spot on my side? Whether that’s normal or not, I think my winter coat is definitely a fashion “do”.