the reason for grizzly’s bare (bear?) bum

Aha! I’ve got this foster cat all figured out, and now I know the reason for his over-grooming. It’s just so we can discern some part of his body in photos. Otherwise, Grizzly’s just a fuzzy black blob with eyes. image

Good thinking, Grizzly! Maybe you should take a little off under the chin so we can see you have a head… And a bit on the front legs, too. And maybe just even out the hind legs a little…


10 comments on “the reason for grizzly’s bare (bear?) bum

    • Hey, Sammy! Today did seem like a rough day for the old Grizzster, but in general I think he’s adjusting to life with me pretty well. And look – his passenger-side rear quarter panel is looking pretty fuzzy again. Pretty soon he won’t need cat pants! 😀

    • Aloha, Sundae! I guess he’s pretty, if you like that whole monochromatic thing. Purrsonally, I think spotty cats are far superior… Maybe your mommy should adopt him. I think he has free airfare to the mainland. 🙂

  1. gee, you gave him a box and he’s right at home.

    step away from the shaver…. ho helping!

    look at those eyes–you’re gonna keep him, yeah?!

    • I’m pretty sure this is just a temporary position for Grizzly. My human is concerned about integrating another adult male cat into the household. She seems to think I might be mean to the pantless wonder. Not sure where she got that idea….

        • Yes, as in “I wonder what the heck he was thinking when he decided pantless was a good look for cats.”

          I think my human still has a little hope that I’ll proclaim Grizzly a suitable candidate for the permanent personal assistant position. But how can I really know until I have some alone time with him for a complete interrogation and introductory wrestling match???

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