ancient hawaiian cat toy

Tonight I found the most interesting item…  It’s a kukui nut, which has been used by Polynesians for ages.  They used the nut and its oil for cooking, lighting, lei making, dying cloth, as “ink” in tattoos, and medicinally to treat everything from asthma to digestive disorders.  And it’s a fantastic moisturizer for fur.  The kukui nut has a long and fascinating history. 

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  1. Wow….you move like the wind Pedro….can’t let a kukui get the best of you! I bet that was a lot of fun to play with. I’m not familiar with that particular KIND of nut, but I do have a bit of a “thing” for walnuts. I steal them out of the nut bowl on the coffee table. I should think something smaller like the kukui would be more fun though – so many more places to shove it under. Walnuts won’t go under doors… me…..I’ve tried.


    • Hi Sammy! I think these photos bring to light why my human can’t get any good action shots of me – I’m too quick. I’m as fast as lightning!

      Maybe I’ll put walnuts on my Christmas list. Kukui nuts get wedged under doors a lot.

  2. It looks like such a fun toy! I loved the photos as well. The action ones look like abstract art. And I don’t believe I’ve had such a good view of your other side yet, with more black than white. You are handsome from every angle.

    • Aloha littlemiao! My driver’s side looks way different than my passenger’s side, doesn’t it? My human prefers my cow spotty side, but I think both sides are fantastic in black and white… I love that no matter how fast I’m moving, you can still clearly tell that my fabulous tail is a fabulous tail. 🙂

      • Your driver’s side reminds me of Sprockers. I think he was almost a spotted cow-kitty.

        These photos show off the scope of your enormity very well, Pedro. It’s nice seeing you and your fabulous tail in action.

  3. Pedro,
    You are just to adorable and oh so agile. I was amazed at the potential of your lil nut. I had heard roasted Gecko is also good for Asthma from my Filipiono friends. If you still have your Halloween “Gift” you could go into the medical field as a side line. There is always the Circus De Soleil if your looking for a second job. Have a great weekend with your lil nut.

  4. What a magical thing! There was one picture where it looked like Pedro smashed against the wall. Was it really like that or it’s my imagination?

  5. Suzy-cat here… I own a Hawai’ian Person, and I want to know why he hasn’t given me a kukui nut yet! Must be time to take matters into my own paws and take apart that kikui-nut lei he leaves dangling so enticingly by the closet…

    • Your Hawai’ian Person must not love you very much. Just kidding – he probably just doesn’t realize that kukui nuts have been used to entertain felines for eons… Be careful when you take apart the lei – I’ve gotten myself all wound up and tied in knots!

    • I prefer to store my toys under the couch. Unfortunately, I’m too large to get them back out… But my human is smart with the kukui nut – she only lets me play with it in a confined space, and she blocks off anything the nut could get under. I think she’s envisioning a kukui tree growing out from under the couch some day, so she’s trying to keep that from happening. That would be a pretty cool cat tree, though!

  6. How did I miss this post?? These are great photos. Abstract cat. Picatto, maybe. Though it’s more Bacon that Picasso. Mmmmm, did someone say bacon?

  7. Alooooha Pedro,
    I think my kitty would love your ancient Hawaiian kukui nut!
    Thanking you for stopping over at my place and leaving your paw prints. It’s cool.
    Have yourself a feasty Thanksgiving! ;0

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