today is the best day of my life!!!!

My human is the best human ever in the history of the universe! And today is the best day of my life!!!

I saw that my human was rearranging furniture this morning, so I knew today would be the day I get my tree.  The Christmas tree is my favorite thing in the world, so I was REALLY excited… All year long, I’ve been perfecting my ascent in my head. Normally I just go straight up the outside of the branches. But then when I get to the top, I don’t quite know what to do. So I’ve been thinking that it might be easier to climb up the trunk. And then I can lounge in the branches and wait to ambush an unsuspecting reindeer…

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I couldn’t wait – less than 5 minutes after my human finished installing the tree, I was climbing. I didn’t get very far on the first run – I need to wait until the branches relax a little more. But I could tell that my new climbing strategy is going to be much more effective. And then I took a little nap on the extra branches my human cut off for me…

But that was only part of the surprise she had for me! Not only did she bring home a Christmas tree just the right size for climbing, but she also got us a…. To be continued…


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  1. Great pictures – your human must have really secured that tree well: I would have expected it to topple over!
    My humans put our tree up last night. It’s artificial, and all I wanted to do was chew on the branches. I heard Mom mention to Dad that she hopes I don’t accidentally get hold of one of those mini light-bulbs. Hmmm..
    Your friend, Sundae

    • When the man at Home Depot asked what kind of Christmas tree my human wanted, she said she needed one to hold a 16 lb cat! She always gets me a sturdy tree, and she’s very careful about making sure it’s really stable for me. I have the best human ever!

      I agree that you might want to avoid chomping on any light bulbs. I don’t know if it would break or not, but it wouldn’t have the cool texture of pine needles. Or faux pine needles.

      Enjoy your tree, Sundae. I’m off to climb…

  2. Oh Pedro! Looks like you indeed DO need to wait until those branches relax a bit before you can climb Mount Evergreen ! You’re lucky your human had a nice heavy tree stand so you didn’t pull that thing down in the living room – trust me – she wouldn’t like that much. Giving you some branches was a brilliant idea. You can enjoy the FEEL, SMELL, TOUCH of the tree, without getting stuck in the branches. You left us hanging here with your post though – can’t wait to hear what else your human got for you and Kitty…..I’m on the edge of my seat (well, window perch)…………………………….

    Your Pal Sam

    • I love my tree, Sammy! My human left my branches out for me all night, so I got to roll around in them and snooze surrounded by the pine tree smell. That was really nice of her… She did a really got job of putting up the tree this year – it feels WAY more stable than last year. My new technique might be helping, too.

      Gotta run – it’s time to test those branches to see if they’ve dropped a little overnight.

  3. Pedro, I hope you have blast in your tree. Our one-year-old cat, Atticus practically brought our tree down, chasing after a stink bug that was buzzing from branch to branch in ours this morning. He leapt from the back of couch to one of the branches trying to get it, and even went to the top of the staircase, eyeing that bug in the tree. He was making big plans to leap from the banister into the upper branches. Unfortunately for Atticus, we managed to capture the bug first and put it outside, but I think Atticus is still watching the tree, just in case.

    • It’d be smart for Atticus to keep an eye on that tree for other intruders and/or snacks. It’s his job, you know… This is my 3rd Christmas with my human, and I have to say I’m impressed with the improvements she’s made in tree selection and installation since our first tree together. Between that and my refined climbing technique, I think this one might stay upright! (Have you seen Elf? Imagine the part where he jumps into the Christmas tree, but replace him with a 16 lb cow-spotted cat.)

  4. The Miao Brothers and Miaolings are jealous that you get a tree. It looks like so much fun! And it’s a real tree, too!

    Also, you look great on a background of evergreen.

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